Directional Sound Devices to Take Out Killer Bee Swarms - Can we use directional sound devices to take out killer bee swarms? Killer bees make a buzzing sound and this is because their wings flap at a high rate of speed about 230 flaps every single second.

Locust Plagues Over Lake Victoria - In Africa one of the biggest problems, which threatens humankind and its ability to feed the ever-growing populations is the Locust Plagues, which are so common.

Trusting Your Physics Instructor - Can you trust your physics instructor? Yes for the most part you can sure, but.

Students Engage More in TermTime Jobs - Nowadays students are increasingly likely to work while studying at college.

Just Thinking Out Loud on AI Systems - Do you have thoughts on how to design or program an artificially intelligent robot? Well I do and so let me just mention a concept to you, stream of consciousness and merely thinking out loud along with some of my award winning ramblings often vie.

How to Apply for a Scholarship and Get It - How to Apply for a Scholarship? A very relevant question considering the fact that there are lot of scholarships offered by various trusts and private sponsors, and there are a burgeoning number of students applying for each one.

Acidic Ocean Battery Theories and Strategies - As the ocean becomes more acidic in places perhaps we can use the acidity to power up our cities and discharging the acidity by using it up like a battery? How so you ask? Well consider a weakened battery in your car which is old and nearly run ou.

Abbreviated Concealment and Entrapment of Enemy - Even in modern times the art of decoy is a live and well in the battle space.

Recycling Space Junk and Debris - Well here we are in the year 2006 and what do we have? We have humans polluting space? That?s right we have space junk.

StudentTeacher Relations - Studying process is not easy.

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