Students Engage More in TermTime Jobs

Nowadays students are increasingly likely to work while studying at college. The majority of them have to rely on the supplemental income to support themselves at college or university. The accelerating proportion of students with term-time jobs rose from 47% to 58% in the recent decades. According to the new research, students spend less time in the classrooms than they used to 10 years ago.

Learning and earning have become the norm for a good chunk of students, especially for those who are in financial need. As long as most government loans and bursary programs provide the minimum funds to cover the tuition costs, students have to eat, catch the occasional movies and remain on the fringe of fashion. Proverbially term-time working kills two birds with one stone ? it pays the bills while allowing students to gain invaluable work experience.It really stands for some reason, because combining work and school offers benefits beyond just earning the keep.

However, the overwhelming number of students has to work, because they need money for basic essentials. The figures show that 80% of students can't manage on their students loans, another 20% are bound to work simply because their families can't support them or just because they don't want building up debts.A recent study found that that term-time employment has detrimental consequences for students, both in terms of their social experience and academic performance.

Working students miss out on everyday experiences of college or university.They skip lectures and seminars; spend less time in libraries, using their university's computing facilities, devote less time to studying independently, reading, and preparing their assignments because of their jobs. 42% of students reported that working hurt their grades and limited their class choice.

At the same time, 63% reported that they wouldn't be able to afford college if they didn't work.The employed students work an average of 25 hours per week, earning roughly $7.50 per hour, mostly in unskilled jobs unrelated to their courses. Even having a full course load, the majority of students work that much, straining themselves with irregular shifts and insufficient sleep, feeling fatigued and exhausted during the classes.

It results in declining of students' academic performance and persistence, and raises the likelihood of students being dropped out. But for all that, working students usually can't afford vacations, because holiday time equals extra work time.While evidence shows that a slew of students work at levels that negatively influence the quality of their studying and their academic achievement, they can't afford to cut back their jobs. All in all, rising academic costs and failure of the government to keep pace have forced the majority of students to work a number of hours that negatively impacts their academic performance.However, term-time working is not only about negative influence and making sacrifice. It is also about pleasure and gaining invaluable working experience.

Many students agree in opinion that part-time working is beneficial and claim that they are able to handle their work and studying, enjoying the process, and feeling incentive and motivation to study in overloaded time-schedule. It is also an effective way to discover what types of jobs students like, and more likely to engage in after graduation. A host of students believes that working is an excellent opportunity to acquire practical skills and knowledge, and to feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment.Though, working leaves little time for a broader learning experience the majority of students infer to receive at colleges and universities, and apply at their jobs. Also time-term working deprives students of the opportunity to engage in community service, volunteering, extracurricular activities, and enjoy students' years at full blast, getting the most of the best time in people's life.


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By: Linda Kate Correli

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