Acidic Ocean Battery Theories and Strategies

As the ocean becomes more acidic in places perhaps we can use the acidity to power up our cities and discharging the acidity by using it up like a battery? How so you ask? Well consider a weakened battery in your car which is old and nearly run out. It still has some juice too it and you can power up small things, maybe not enough to start your car every time, but you can turn on the dome light and such.Well consider the ocean is very big and if it turns acidic that is very bad. But we know we need to turn on the Dome Lights in the stadiums and the streetlights in our city right? Well if the ocean is acidic then that is similar to a battery and so lets take the acidity and make electricity and discharge it by powering up the city.In fact if we find acidic oceans on other planets we may wish to use the acidity in the liquid ocean to draw power from.

As CO2 in the atmosphere increases the Ph level is lowered, add in some Global Warming or Climate Change with increased temperatures and the issue of acidity becomes severe.This is really bad news for Coral Reefs and sea life indeed. But if this continues there indeed maybe one consolation and that is the acidity can be used to turn the ocean into a battery.

Sure mankind should do whatever they can to prevent this catastrophe, but in the end perhaps we can use this to power up our cities. Or use such a strategy on other worlds with acidity in their oceans to power up a space colony. Consider all this in 2006.


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