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Studying process is not easy. Ask any student and the answer will be pretty much the same. It is not easy to cope with all the tasks and assignments given at the university on time, therefore there is no free time left. The absence of rest results into over exhaustion which prevents you from getting the most out of your studies. Constant depressions or just feeling low is quite familiar to students.

It has nothing to do with the teenage period, it's all over and gone, when you are a college student. The cause is the atmosphere around you and the studying process. Let's try to get deeper into this problem. To study well, you have to be hard working, industrious, curious and longing for knowledge, but there will be no result without established stable good cooperation between students and teachers, tutors or professors.

The misunderstanding between the two may result into complete rejection of any matter expressed by the tutor from student's side and complete carelessness about the interest of the auditorium. Even being a postgraduate student, one may experience cold and unconcerned guidance of the advisor while writing a thesi s paper. To be successful in the future, one must resolve this problem and try to establish a fine solution.

According to psychology the cause of misunderstanding with others has to be searched for in oneself. Certainly, it is not easy to convince yourself that your behavior is not proper, but something has to be done about it. You are ambitious and willing to develop and grow and you are ready to do anything to reach success. Without noticing it, you may provoke your advisor or hurt his feelings.

Your genuine dissatisfaction when your th esis proposal is rejected is quite understandable. So why don't you seek the reason not in your thesis but in your manner of behavior in your tutor's presence. Here are some clues that will help you to define what was done wrong. To communicate easily you have to understand that a person you talk to has his own ambitions and thoughts. Expressing your idea plainly, not considering the evidence given by your advisor will show disrespect to the scientist that is more experienced in the field than you are.

Choose words and ways when speaking to your tutor. It is quite obvious that you are intelligent; if there is a disagreement, it's sometimes better to retreat than to get involved into a heated argument. If you show that you have ignored his lectures or never looked through his manual, you will be treated carelessly. Try to make an impression of a diligent, intelligent, interesting person with sense of humor and longing for success. Every scholar is pleased to hear that his work is appreciated, so try to make a compliment on what he's accomplished.

But if there is no particular reason for your being disregarded, inform about it. Your advisor's task is to guide you through the process and propose assistance if necessary. There will be no successful cooperation if you don't feel comfortable with each other. Your thesis is the first step towards bright career and you have to do your utmost to complete it duly.

Guidance provided is very important, so if there are any misunderstandings, try to improve the situation and continue cooperation on friendly terms. - Thesis Writing Company .

By: Chris Wells

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