Abbreviated Concealment and Entrapment of Enemy

Even in modern times the art of decoy is a live and well in the battle space. Decoys are used to fool enemy radar, surface to air missiles and cause the enemy to fire on dummy targets and then give themselves away. More research should be done on abbreviated concealment of dummy targets.In other words pretend you are well camouflaged, but make it noticeable enough for the enemy to see without them considering it might be decoy. By getting the enemy to fire on the dummy targets they will be giving away their position and this is a perfect way to interrupt the enemy by enticing them into your mousetrap.

But how can this be done?.Well, I propose using a slightly modified fractals, which are used in camoflauge and modified the algorithm ever so slightly to give clues, attract the human eye or even use a non-visual light flashing at a frequency similar to an N400 Brainwave. When the enemy sees this and as says Ah ha, there it is I see it right there.

Then he will assume he is brilliant and spotted it on his own you see.But rather you made him look, but look as if you are trying to hide. Then when he fires upon the target, he will then be looking for more targets in the area while you eliminate him and his position first.

Consider this in 2006.

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