Directional Sound Devices to Take Out Killer Bee Swarms

Can we use directional sound devices to take out killer bee swarms? Killer bees make a buzzing sound and this is because their wings flap at a high rate of speed about 230 flaps every single second. If we disrupted that harmonic resonance it maybe possible to stop a killer bee swarm. Maybe?.Well at least one online think tank believes it is possible, in fact they have been considering this idea.

And during these in depth conversations and discussions one think tank member stated; "I guess I never did actually say that the ability to focus sound energy to a specified zone that is at some distance from the transmitter, allows this conversation to even be presented. IF I were discussing a point source of sound like a speaker system that we all know too well is a point source for sound, getting that speaker to the center of the swarm is going to be impractical if not impossible.".Indeed other wise you have bigger problems such as how are you going to get it there? Throw it? Or allow them to fly over and ambush them? Load it on a small UAV and send it thru the swarm itself? It would be possible sure. Probably not practical, but could be done.

The sound focus technology is over a decade old you know, at least in the US, the Soviets have had similar stuff for who knows how many years? Maybe they stole it from us or maybe vice versa. Maybe that kid at MIT really did figure it all out? Who knows they use it to blast kidney stones too. None of this is tricky stuff all is available and known and easy to get a hold of. Consider all this in 2006.

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