Locust Plagues Over Lake Victoria

In Africa one of the biggest problems, which threatens humankind and its ability to feed the ever-growing populations is the Locust Plagues, which are so common. One of the most common locust swarming routes is over Lake Victoria. Add to this issue droughts, wild fires and climate change and the African Continent is in dire straights.Can we stop these huge locust swarms? Well first we need to know a little more about how and where they operate.

There are some interesting research projects on this topic, which are of value to review. For instance;.http://ispi-lit.

It discusses the rolling formations and other formations as well as the 200-foot height limit AGL in most cases. It also appears that they steer around Trees, buildings, rocks, ground formations too. They seem to roll with the landscape. The maps in the report are somewhat telling to determine the correct intercept points. It appears these researchers had followed the Locust Swarms for many days, by aircraft.

Apparently with all this research not a lot is being done say some;.

au/index.php?id=254310.It appears that there have been many millions of dollars given for the problem but once the Plagues are over then people forget and regroup. Until if comes again. Almost like a Hurricane. Every one is working for a way to stop them until they are over for the year and everyone forgets? And the commissions formed lose their sense of purpose and the money given is spent.

The other issues are that the Plagues come in groupings of years and then nothing for a number of years. Cycles of unrest; like Hurricanes.We must encourage the further research to study and eventually defeat these locust plagues to insure crop success otherwise with the droughts, wildfires and swarms of locusts we will not be able to feed the African populations. I hope you will consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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