Long Term Space Exploration Physical and Mental Health Limitations - Long-term space flight will take its toll on astronauts including entropy, bone loss, radiation and a feeling of loneliness.

Are Humans a Bunch of Morons - Are humans divine creatures endowed with the form of the creator? Or are humans like any other species on the Planet? Are humans as special as they make themselves out to be or do they have flaws like any other creature in the animal kingdom? Are.

Alternative Energies Coating Needed to Help Create Static Electricity - We need to design a coating to help us create static electricity which will adhere to Carbon Nano-Tube materials so that in the future we can use this static electricity to run systems in buildings, ships, aircraft, vehicles, trains, over passes a.

Assigned Attributes of Personality in Artificial Intelligence - Have you liked most people imagined a time when you would have a robotic assistant or maid around the house to do all the choirs? An android or artificially intelligent robot; one which you could simply say; ?Wash all the clothes and then vacuum t.

Disrupting Bees and Swarms Thru Sound - Can we figure out experiments to use to see if we can disrupt bees with sound? Can we affect their flight path, control them or even defeat a swarm of bees? Can we do experiments to see if this is possible? What if we put them into a church and tu.

Take Advantage of the Exploding Popularity in Distance Learning Colleges to Advance Your Career - Distance learning colleges are popping up all over the world.

Nuclear Material to Lead Maker - Nuclear energy is a clean fuel and a great way to curb air pollution, yet nuclear energy does come with radioactive waste, which must be dealt with.

Learning The Arabic Language - The Arabic language is an ancient tongue that dates back to earlier than the 6th century.

Is the Solar System a Bubble Supporting Life - Recently in an online conversation about the solar system there was a comment, which came up in which the think tanker stated that he believe that our solar system was a bubble of some sort.

Exercise Bikes in the Space Colony Stations or LongTerm Space Flight - A proposal has been circulated in an online think tank to put stationary bicycles, which charge batteries about spacecraft, in space colonies and on space bases.

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