Are Humans a Bunch of Morons

Are humans divine creatures endowed with the form of the creator? Or are humans like any other species on the Planet? Are humans as special as they make themselves out to be or do they have flaws like any other creature in the animal kingdom? Are Humans a Bunch of Morons so egocentric that they believe they, above all are beyond any other species?.From the outside looking in at the species one may feel that humans are hopeless indeed, perhaps bashing humans because they appear to all be a bunch of morons. Does this offend you human? Well, as for you personally well we are discussing this issue so perhaps you yourself may not be included in that grouping even if you are human. Maybe you are above the race, which so often sinks to the lowest common denominator when even something small is a miss? Rioting in the streets like there is no tomorrow.Honestly now how many people do you actually know who have not surrendered their minds to the mass media hysteria, television and purported rhetoric? Unenlightened, wasteful, religious borderline cultish nut cases and blind to reality; how many people do you know who have already put their minds on a shelf and surrendered them.With that said; would you say that the human species could use a little modification? Or would you say that we must remain human and pure, that God would not have wanted us to tinker with his creation, even though we find our species in decay, with IQ levels, falling in every civilization in the present period? Some find the argument against re-designing this species shallow at best.

What if we could make ourselves smarter, more healthy and stronger thru advances in science? Should we? Do you believe that humans are currently de-evolving into a dummying down affect?.What if some wish to remain human and others wish to move forward and progress the species? Should fear of change hold us back, religious dogma or choosing not to choose, thus becoming a "no vote" for future technological advances? Can we perhaps divide the species and allow the choice. Unfortunately we know what happens when one group envies that of another, and if the species is divided by equal one will succeed the other, as that is a human trait too. Humans as they say are mostly harmless, but they can be a complete pain in the butt they way they carry on and one observing humans may come to a conclusion that yes they are a bunch of morons? Yet where do we go from here, as the time is coming near to make a decision on the matter.

Think on this abstract thought for a moment.

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By: Lance Winslow

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