Alternative Energies Coating Needed to Help Create Static Electricity

We need to design a coating to help us create static electricity which will adhere to Carbon Nano-Tube materials so that in the future we can use this static electricity to run systems in buildings, ships, aircraft, vehicles, trains, over passes and well just about anything. How so you ask? Well let us consider that when the wind; either relative wind airflows caused from a moving object or just normal airflows across a surface of an object which is stationary; it creates static electricity as electrons are traded with that surface. Well why not collect this energy and use it? Use it for what you ask?.Well let's take a Highway over pass, Freeway wall or even a roadway; we can take the airflows across these surfaces to power up low wattage LED lights to improve road safety. In the case of a roadway line, we can coat it with a Carbon Nano-Tube coating and the rest of the side of the road, which is not driven on with a coating to collect it. Then the energy is transferred to the road line to light it up at night? This will help in road safety and with self-driving cars so their sensors can tell where the road ends so that the car will stay on the actual road you see?.

For ships there is a lot of hull surface both under the water and above the water line to collect energy to help with discharging scum sticking to the hull, powering up ship lighting or even lighting up navigation or anti-collision stripes or lights. For aircraft the static electricity could be used to help in the energy needed to morph the wings to custom tailor the airspeed with the shape of the wing for maximum efficiency you see? Well, you get the idea; we need to develop this coating as soon as possible as the applications are completely endless indeed. Consider all this in 2006.


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