Disrupting Bees and Swarms Thru Sound

Can we figure out experiments to use to see if we can disrupt bees with sound? Can we affect their flight path, control them or even defeat a swarm of bees? Can we do experiments to see if this is possible? What if we put them into a church and turn up the pipe organ music, would then become angelical? Find god, go back and prey to their Queen Bee? Sure, that was a joke, but how does loud sound or specific sound waves affect bees?.Another experiment is to put a car with a huge set of speakers under a bee hive and turn it on when the bees fly away if they have a trouble then you win. You could put four surround a round speakers next to a bee hive where the bees have to fly thru to go to the favorite bushes each day and turn them on, there would be enough sound to disrupt with directional sound because each speaker put out sound and increases pressure in the center. Kind of like the firestorm with the Germans in WWII where a whole city was annihilated. Or like when a kid put pressure on their face to pop a zit.

Of course if you are going to try such experiments to disrupt bees, I just do not advice you standing around while you piss off a swarm of killer bees. Rather hazardous to your human health wouldn't you say? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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