Is the Solar System a Bubble Supporting Life

Recently in an online conversation about the solar system there was a comment, which came up in which the think tanker stated that he believe that our solar system was a bubble of some sort. Now on the surface this sounds like a rather far-fetched thought, but when considering his point perhaps we might learn something about the world in which we live, namely this solar system of our.The think tanker stated: "I think each Solar System is its own "bubble" of self sufficiency, that is calculated to the very nanopoint of natural perfection.

Ultimately fostering one race at a time.".Of course as in any online topic of this nature others became interested and began to question this concept and another think tanker countered with the argument: "To what do you base such conclusion of fostering one race at a time? The bubble concept seems at play to a limited degree in the study of very small to very big, with regards to observable physics. Although how can one observation lead you to the second?.Additionally the original think tanker stated that the Voyager Probe, which has changed speeds as it left our solar system was an example of his hypothesis and this was also countered and discussed by another think tanker who said;.

"Regarding the slowing or should I say the speeding up of the space probe, (think of the physics of TAS in aviation) that is interesting although should have been expected, why would one assume that there would not be a change? And relative to what? You state laws of physics, yet many of what we consider laws are theories and perhaps need additions to or some re-working within. In fact if things are of a different density, that is to say number of molecules in a cubic meter or changes in gravity distribution due to the spin factors or vortex created by this system moving thru space, then it all makes sense really. Baffled scientists, seems like a funny concept, although that is nothing new, recorded history predicts periods of bafflement amongst learned men.".This brings us full circle to the next question I am going to ask you my reader.

What do you think of the bubble concept of the solar system? Do you have thoughts on this or have you ever considered such things? If so what are your thoughts on this subject. If you have yet to consider this; then please think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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