Assigned Attributes of Personality in Artificial Intelligence

Have you liked most people imagined a time when you would have a robotic assistant or maid around the house to do all the choirs? An android or artificially intelligent robot; one which you could simply say; "Wash all the clothes and then vacuum the hall way and mater bedroom, make the bed and make me a bath at 103 degrees, please!" Then you know the robot might say something cool like; "by your command master!" Hey now we are talking aren't we?.This would be great, bit after a while you might get bored with your new assistant. Therefore we need to design personality into your robotic companion or helper, so that it fits into your lifestyle, laughs at jokes and even gives you an attitude once in a while. Not belligerent, but enough to let you know that you are getting out of line with demands, which cannot possibly be done in the time frame specified.

Of course if your robot was rude all the time you are liable to get into a fight with it or shoot the darn thing and you know those things will not be cheap either. There will need to be settings available on the robot. When it is set to be in a most excellent mood perhaps it will cruise around the house doing work whistling your favorite song or playing your best and most favorite music in its internal CD Changer? Let's face it our pets have a personality and if we are going to be paying upwards of $3000 to $5000 for the latest fuel cell run robotic artificial intelligent android to do our house work, we need to get a little personality going here, wouldn't you say? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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