Exercise Bikes in the Space Colony Stations or LongTerm Space Flight

A proposal has been circulated in an online think tank to put stationary bicycles, which charge batteries about spacecraft, in space colonies and on space bases. One think tanker critical of this idea says it is a stupid idea and will not work because the human body cannot put out enough energy to make it worth while anyway.These comments were challenged by the designer of the concept who stated; why waste the energy and you have to exercise anyway to stay in top form and shape. What kinds of person wants to waste energy in space?.The critic and think tank member who poo poo'ed the idea stated; "Who I am as a person has nothing to do with how much energy the human body can generate. That figure of 1/3 horsepower (and it is a rounded-off average) comes from years of careful measurement of athletes by scientists.

It is not a reflection of my personal characteristics.".I see, well my experience is a Top athlete at the top of the athletic food chain and I can tell you from Biking from OR to Mexico in six days and running Ultra-Marathons, Triathlons and my track star days that a human body generates a lot of power. Who I am does have to do with the human energy the body can generate. I speak from experience, observation and reality.

If you use it right then it does make sense for instance;.http://worldthinktank.net/wttbbs/index.php?s=ce41e0e60e9f88ea53f9ef9cc4d4c906&showtopic=1220&st=0.


http://worldthinktank.net/wttbbs/index.php?showtopic=1514.You see I know that the human body creates energy and it is simply silly to waste it all. So consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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