Academic Credibility Called into Question - So often we are given reports and feed supposed research data from academia which is indeed nothing short of pure horseshit.

How Much Sound Can a Killer Bee Take - What if you could stop a killer bee swarm with sound? We know sound can be quite damaging to the human eardrums that goes without saying.

Holographic Tour of the Pyramids - Many people want to see the Pyramids during their lifetime.

DeVry University an honest review - DeVry University has its roots from way back in 1931 as a film and radio repair teaching establishment.

Abatement Containment in Space Colonies - We know that some bacteria found on Earth actually grows faster in zero gravity and this poses a huge problem for space stations, long-term space flight and one-fifth the gravity moon colonies.

Disrupting Bee Swarms in Breathable Air - Can we use sound waves to disrupt bee swarms in regular airflows or in a normal Earth?s Atmosphere? Regarding breathable air.

A Students Guide to Search Engines - The Internet consists of billions upon billions of individual files, located on millions of different web sites.

PreMasters Courses Should You Take One - There are so few Pre-Masters courses on the market that students may well wonder what they are.

Abatement of Bacteria and Bio Warfare Combat - If we are to send troops into a foreign land and the enemy uses biological weapons to attack our troops, then we will need to defend against this and protect the human bio systems of each and every soldier.

Making the Most of Your Summer - At last, summer is here.

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