Abatement of Bacteria and Bio Warfare Combat

If we are to send troops into a foreign land and the enemy uses biological weapons to attack our troops, then we will need to defend against this and protect the human bio systems of each and every soldier. But we also have to worry about the abatement of bacteria and the problems that bio warfare combat compounds, chemicals and biological contaminants contain.For instance even if the soldiers put on their special gas masks and suits, this does not mean that the bacteria or biological contaminant or chemical is not all over the vehicles and equipment and that must all be cleaned too. Additionally after the war and after the enemy has been defeated the pollution problems of biological warfare would remain for the inhabitants and citizen living in that area.

And even if we did not as a nation use biological warfare, indeed if the enemy has been defeated we will be left to clean up and therefore we need specific protocols and procedures and robotic equipment to help us with the abatement of bacteria and biological contaminants which remain. This is very similar to our duties and responsibilities and integrity of our nation the United States of America to clean up the land mines, which were planted in a war that may have been used against us.It is the right thing to do even if the enemy was wrong for doing it, as someone has to clean up. I hope you will please consider this in 2006.

We must allocate research and development dollars to protect the citizens of all nations from left over biological warfare contaminants. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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