Academic Credibility Called into Question

So often we are given reports and feed supposed research data from academia which is indeed nothing short of pure horseshit. Rarely do we call academic research into question, yet we need to. Why? Well we see that more than 60% of the Chinese students admit to cheating on data in research projects.People were quite alarmed when they learned this yet, you may be surprised that cheating or fabricating data is not a Chinese only thing, imagine how much US based academic research is also utter hokum.

I bet although not nearly as high as in the US, that it is a significant figure? So is it 30%, 20% or maybe only 10%?.Well considering the massive cheating in High Schools, Colleges and Universities; not to mention government and also considering that these people also come from our educational system we should not be surprised if the research data is corrupted. In fact I call academic research into question.Especially those research projects funded by businesses with a profit incentive in the results or government-funded projects with a political agenda. They say you can only believe half of what you read? Well what is it for academic research?.Let's give them the benefit of the doubt and let's say you can believe in this venue about 75% of what you read? Fair enough right? Well is that good enough for you? Not me, we must hold academia to a higher standard and tell them to stop BS'ing and cheating or feeding us bogus research.

Consider this in 2006.

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