How Much Sound Can a Killer Bee Take

What if you could stop a killer bee swarm with sound? We know sound can be quite damaging to the human eardrums that goes without saying. And even these little Earbud pieces the kids use for their iPods are said to be so crisp that they can hurt one's over all hearing? In consider these points in an online think tank a member, Warren states;."The car audio systems produce enough energy to drive a normal person mad, can you imagine the potential damage that a full spectrum, full energy range sound laboratory would have on any tiny structure like a nearly cellophane similar wing structure? Or; what of simply disrupting this mysterious 'dynamic sound structure' of which I have been writing.".Yes and studies have been done using sound waves on a group of US Marines in a classroom and they were able to cause them to become violent, benevolent, sexually aroused and even completely fall asleep.

And the power required to do this is probably not very much? Sound waves can turn sharks away;.


Sound waves can do all sorts of things to all types of life; birds, reptiles, fish, mammals and of course insects too. So we know sound in fact does affect biological systems in a big way. After all the bio-system runs on vibrational energy doesn't it?.Warren States; "It would be like aiming a speaker array at a four-wheel drive and having all of the lugs ripped from the tires. That jeep is not going to go very far; it is fundamentally disabled.

".Indeed although harmonic imbalances in engineering can cause a bridge to collapse, an aircraft wing-spar to fail or an engine part to come apart, it seems that in the case of a Jeep, the tires and the wheel lugs that super exciting the air molecules to increase tire pressure to eventually pop might be even easier? Sound can do many things and it can be a very powerful force indeed. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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