Abatement Containment in Space Colonies

We know that some bacteria found on Earth actually grows faster in zero gravity and this poses a huge problem for space stations, long-term space flight and one-fifth the gravity moon colonies. Indeed we need to be thinking on how to deal with run away growth issue and maintain a balance of sorts in our attempts to contain this bacteria or growths.Abatement containment in Space Colonies will be essential and if we get it wrong on somewhere like Mars there is no way to simply rescue 2-3 people there quickly if things get out of hand. In fact consider if you will Tess Garison's book "Gravity" where some bacteria or viruses from near an underwater deep sea volcanic vent were taken into space and there with zero gravity they mutated and grew very fast in the International Space Station.In the book most everyone died, they ended up crashing the Space Shuttle and brought the whole thing back to Earth. Well I am not one to be a doom and gloomer but as NASA cuts the budget of the Astro-biological Division one has to only think how real the "Gravity" book scenario could in fact be.

We need to be heads up on these things, as when you start playing with foreign material and change the settings of stuff here in unusual environments, the entire knowledge of the human race is turned up side down and anything can happen. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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