Rethinking Tropical Hurricane Weather Forecasting Super Computers - The potentially unlimited simple interactions, which eventually give us our weather make for a very complex number of data sets.

Using Lasers to Make Phantom Heat Signatures to Attract SAMs - If your enemy knows you are using stealth and their radars will not work on that.

Leading Online Schools - The internet has revolutionized many parts of our economy.

Student Loans Ensuring a Brighter Future Ahead - Higher education in the university gives students a chance to open up.

Blended Wing Body Aircraft and Futuristic Aircraft Designs of the Past and Present - Recently NASA wind tunnel testing has confirmed what many eccentric aircraft and aerospace engineers have been saying for decades.

Online Universities and Degrees Find the Right One for You - The first step to finding the right online university is to decide what degree you want.

Absorption of Atmospheric Pollution - Is there a way to remove the CO2 from the atmosphere? Can we collect it using extremely low-frequency waves to make an ionic charge and then capture it in cloud formations with huge man-made dirigibles? If so, what might we do with it all? I mean.

Nice Girls Dont Go Naked in their Dreams or Do They - My wife, Brenda and I were at some friends house one night to play some dominoes.

Accelerating Advanced Robotic Natural Disaster Response Teams - Robotics and unmanned aerial vehicles have come a long way ion the last five years and they are rapidly advancing.

Micro Solar UAV - Is it possible to build a plastic mini-unmanned solar powered micro-aircraft? An unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV with unlimited range and flying time, can you imagine that? So far scientists are getting there and have built bird sized MAVs Micro-Ai.

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