Using Lasers to Make Phantom Heat Signatures to Attract SAMs

If your enemy knows you are using stealth and their radars will not work on that. They may choose other options such as cell tower frequency circle disruptions or other such techniques. They may also choose to use some sort of heat signature device.

But there might be a way to fool such a system and get your enemy to launch on a phantom decoy heat signature using two lasers from two different points.Consider Chemical Lasers that are airborne and very high-energy. Well if you take an Argon laser and a CO2 Laser and you point them at each others path they will combine and the collision of all those molecules will cause a secondary reaction and if the heat is ramped up sufficiently it will cause an anomaly in your enemies defense sensor system.Once the enemy launches surface-to-air-missiles at the anomaly, we simply pin-point location, in a split second and redirect the lasers using a BLOS reflector staged on a stealth blimp and take out that new target. If we do this is quick succession, then the enemies aerial defense strategy and all their hard ware is toast before the real war even begins.Is this technology even available yet? Indeed it is and the United States of America has it and it is ready to rip.

Not only could this strategy work, but just having it makes the enemy hesitate because they have no idea if the signature on the radar is mass deception, fast moving incoming missile or stealth to deliver ordinance or merely a mirage decoy in the sky? Either way, all they can do is worry, wait or kiss their asses goodbye. See Ya! Game over insert more quarters; Consider all this in 2006.

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