Absorption of Atmospheric Pollution

Is there a way to remove the CO2 from the atmosphere? Can we collect it using extremely low-frequency waves to make an ionic charge and then capture it in cloud formations with huge man-made dirigibles? If so, what might we do with it all? I mean where can be put it? Can we compress it?.Turn it into rock and bury it somewhere? But how can you turn it into rock? Well you could super heat it by sending it in tubes into the Earth's mantel and when you brought it back up it would be more like a diamond and could be sued for something useful such as road rock filler for runways, foundations of buildings or even modern freeways?.Can this really be done or is this just someone's idea of a bad joke to save us all from climate change or global warming? Is it really doable? Can we clean the Earth's atmosphere like an Orec Air Purifier or an Ionic Breeze?.

Well it might possible my sending up pancake terminal gradient clouds and then giving them an ionic negative charge to collect all the positively charged particles in the air pollution. Of course this is not little operation and it will not be easy, but it is possible to collect the pollution on a massive scale. Next the biggest problem will be what on Earth or where on Earth to put it once you have collected it all? Consider all this in 2006.

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