Micro Solar UAV

Is it possible to build a plastic mini-unmanned solar powered micro-aircraft? An unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV with unlimited range and flying time, can you imagine that? So far scientists are getting there and have built bird sized MAVs Micro-Air Vehicles, which can fly for 9 hours or more. But what if they were very light and of thin plastic and if what if that plastic could collect energy through solar panels?.Well it just so happens there have been some recent breakthroughs in solar photovoltaics, as well as plastics that conduct electricity and solar cells can be made out of these things. All these new technologies could hold the keys to making smaller and smaller MAVs and UAVs.

These new MAVs can be used to catch fleeing criminals running from the police without calling in the Helicopters using $700 per hour in jet fuel. These MAVs can also be used in the battlefield to protect troops.Scientists believe they can make this material much cheaper than normal solar cells and ultra light, meaning they will make the perfect material for wings on a tiny flying surveillance plane. Some believe they can be made as inexpensive as $ .

36 per watt. It is unknown yet if they will be able to generate enough to constantly power the little birds, but with a combination of material muscle wings to flap and a little gliding in between, it is a good possibility. Think on this.

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