The NCLEX Examination - To ensure public protection, the United States and its territories require entry into the practice of nursing to be regulated by licensing authorities within each jurisdiction.

How to Survive with As - Attend Class.

A College Scholarship Search In Your Local Area Could Change Your Life Forever Read My Story - It is not a coincidence that when I look back at my school days and I think about who did what with their life.

PCDI The College and University Alternative for Working Professionals Pursuing Their Degrees - PCDI | Professional Career Development Institute - The College and University Alternative for Working Professionals Pursuing Their Degrees.

Can Streaming Video Solve Global Warming - The latest streaming video technologies allow almost anyone with a computer, a broadband connection and a webcam to quickly and cheaply set up live web meetings with multiple particpants - from their desktop and with no need for downloads or spec.

How to Deal With College and University Exams - College life can be a lot of fun but there are college and university exams that need to be taken.

Self Marketing Why Students Should Tell Stories - Everybody lies, and storytellers are some of the best liars around.

Navy Needs an AUV Tunneling Robot for Hiding - Many sea creatures have special hunting methods, which include burying themselves in the sand on the ocean floor and then waiting for their hapless prey to walk by and then they snag them for dinner.

Students in Private Colleges - Until recently I have taught technology classes including networking, web programming, web design, and others at a private corporate run college.

Bouncing Beach Ball Planetary Exploration Robot Swarms - It has been proposed the NASA build planetary exploration robotic swarm beach balls, which can bounce along the surface of a planet and roll as they collect data.

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