Navy Needs an AUV Tunneling Robot for Hiding

Many sea creatures have special hunting methods, which include burying themselves in the sand on the ocean floor and then waiting for their hapless prey to walk by and then they snag them for dinner. Manta Rays do this, but so do so many very small sea creatures also.Often scientists, researchers and engineers look to natures millions if not a billion years of evolution for ideas in design to propel their latest and greatest concepts and designs. The ability to hide and bury one's self under the sand and wait for a meal is a very cunning strategy of nature whether it is the trap door spider on land or a small shell-less species for hunting.Many fish and other creatures in our ocean blend in with excellent camouflage, as part of their strategy and those which blend with the seafloor then bury themselves in it are not only completely cloaked by put their opponents at a severe disadvantage indeed.The United States Navy needs an AUV, autonomous underwater vehicles, which can vibrate or tunnel its self under the sea floor for hiding.

The robotic surveillance unit or AUV can hide and wait until it is needed for duty. AUVs are used to locate enemy ships, seek and destroy sea mines or communicate vital surveillance information to the over all net-centric battle space grid.It therefore behooves us to spend R and D monies now in creating such units to have in place if and when the unfortunate eventuality of war occurs thru an impasse in political negotiation.

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