Can Streaming Video Solve Global Warming

The latest streaming video technologies allow almost anyone with a computer, a broadband connection and a webcam to quickly and cheaply set up live web meetings with multiple particpants - from their desktop and with no need for downloads or special software. There can be up to 100 particpants with 16 on screen at any one time. It's simple to do and very accessible.At the same time, businesses spend huge amounts of time and money sending their employees up and down the country and half way across the world to meet with colleagues and customers - sometimes only for a couple of hours discussion or presentation.

Now all this can be done face to face without ever leaving the office!.Travel is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases, a major contributor to climate change. Greenhouse gas emisions from UK air travel alone doubled from 20.1m tons in 1990 to 39.5m tons in 2004 and a return flight from London to Australia will release as much carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere as all the cooking, light and heating for a house in a year.

So, can streaming video solve the problem? Clearly not on its own but as a part of a concerted effort to reduce environmentally damaging and unecessary travel - then it has a part to play. Responsible businesses should look at its potential as part of their corporate responsibility and sustainable development agendas. Unlike like some other policies they can implement, sustainable travel policies will actually save them money!.

.John Burns is a former business executive and consultant. He has been involved in the environmental sector for 15 years and has managed projects as diverse as urban forestry and rural regeneration. He is presently Director of a national sustainable waste management programme and runs a part time video streaming business.http://www.

By: John Burns

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