US Navy SEALs Coins Real Story behind US Navy SEAL Coins

Think Navy Seals, and you think about Valor, Adventure, Bravery on the Battlefield, and, Commitment to the Country and its People. They are the stuff legends are made of and just about everybody wants a piece of them. There is a whole industry out there catering to the demands of a Navy SEAL crazy public, who want to wear the kind of clothing they supposedly wear on their mission, and are also mad about all kinds of mock combat gear that are a part of Navy SEALs mission specific gear.

However, the kind of gear that Navy SEALs use or employ is shrouded in mystery, so there are chances that what you might be buying off the shelf from a shop, might not be what a Navy SEAL wears or uses. If you really want a Navy SEALs memento or want to show your appreciation for the Navy SEALs, then look no farther than US Navy SEALs coins. These commemorative coins honor a Navy SEAL and his achievements.

The US Navy SEALs Coin This coin is elliptical in shape and forged out of a brass alloy and comes with an antique bronze finish. The great thing about this coin is that the packaging of the coin contains a detailed header card. The obverse of the Navy SEALs coin depicts a Navy Frogman in full combat gear, while the reverse features the trident which is the unique symbol of America's Navy SEALs. The History of the Coins There are a whole lot of commemorative coins that are available, each focusing on a particular military regiment or special operations group.

Moreover, all coins have a history behind them and so does the US Navy SEALs coin. Legend has it that there was once US Army Air Service pilot whose plane was shot at and hence, was forced to land behind enemy lines. This happened during World War I. The French thought he was a German saboteur and were going to execute him, but stopped because of reason. The Birth of the Coin To put it in a nutshell, the man's life was saved by a special coin. What was this coin? One of the wealthier members of the squadron had designed and made special coins that he then distributed amongst the rest of the squadron members.

This gold plated coin had the squadron's insignia inscribed on it. The French soldier recognized the insignia and freed him. His providential release provided the requisite inspiration for all members of the squadron to carry the coins at all times, on all missions. The Tradition Spreads The tradition of keeping customized military unit-centric coins spread from one branch of service to another and today they have become an intrinsic feature of even non-military organizations.

The Navy SEALs coins are given to its members as a token of appreciation for their service to the country, or to improve their morale, or to welcome them into the SEALs fold. US Navy SEALs coin is a prized possession for all the Navy SEALs fans and you can buy them from special shops which stock commemorative coins and memorabilia.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat, the contributor of US Navy Seal Store. More information on the subject is at US Navy SEALs Coins, Real Story behind US Navy SEAL Coins, and related resources can be found at US Navy Seal Information Portal.

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US Navy SEALs Coins Real Story behind US Navy SEAL Coins - Think Navy Seals, and you think about Valor, Adventure, Bravery on the Battlefield, and, Commitment to the Country and its People.