Distance and Online Universities from all over the world offer all the subjects and degrees that conventional universities offer - certification, associate, bachelor's, master's, and even doctorate degrees in some disciplines. You can study almost anything you want through Online University programs: business management, social sciences, engineering, computer sciences, library science, education, holistic health, massage, iridology, health care, nursing, psychology, literature, animation, or any other subject you find interesting, useful, or required for retaining or advancing your career.Online University studies/distance education/distance learning are technological instruction systems designed to deliver courses of study to students who are not physically "on site" while they get their education.

Online University teachers and students communicate by exchanging information through electronic media or through regular postal service. Education through an Online University most often occurs through computer and online technology, but courses may also include radio, television, and audio video conferencing to aid instruction.Online University programs allow for studying when it is convenient to the student who may be working a full time job or is otherwise unable to attend regular school for classroom study. Other advantages of Online University programs of study for certification and degrees are that periods of study to attain a certificate or degree can be shortened by months or years, depending on the dedication of the student in the program. Cost is generally less cumbersome through Online University degree programs, as commuting and general expenses of attending traditional schools are not assessed.

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