Underground Seeing Devices

Currently in the battlespace we have all types of sensors available to the war fighters of today. They have infrared devices to see heat and can tell if it is human body heat or another animal. They have night vision capable of seeing in fog, pitch-black dead of night or even through enemy smoke screens.Our Navy has radar and sonar and our Army has infrared and lidar. Total situational awareness is not only a buzz word of the future fighting force it is a reality and a must have to stay alive in the most hostile place on Earth; the modern battlespace, where life expectancies during a battle can be as short as 1 minute. The Iraq war has taught us some interesting lessons in the way of roadside bombs to take out our soldiers and their vehicles.

But these roadside bombs need not kill our soldiers, as there is a way to defend against them. How so you ask?.By using special equipment, which sends waves into the Earth below we can sense anomalies in the electromagnetic signatures and detect things which are not dirt or rock. Those things, which are not stone, dirt or rocks will have a different magnetic resonance and be immediately suspect. In the future we will also see tunneling robots, which are used to attack the enemy by going underground to their location and simply breaking ground and then either exploding or seeking out their prey once inside the gates. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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