Trends in Satellite Technologies

Satellite technology has come a long way since Arthur C. Clarke fantasized in his famous Science Fiction Novels of an Earth Communication Grid able to maintain communication with anyone anywhere on the planet. Today the next generation of Iridium type satellite systems is coming forth.Today we receive as consumers Satellite Television, with some 600 channels and Satellite Radio with over 200 and those are from only two different companies. Today when we talk across the ocean we do so not by wire, but by satellite and it is as clear as a bell or you can even hear a pin drop. Many of us now have GPS systems in our automobile, which tell us where we are and provide us with an aerial view map.

For those who live in the sticks, well you can have all this technology and more without any form of wires to or from your home and you can even get high-speed broadband direct satellite internet and be hooked into the world from anywhere. In 2005 we saw new systems and antennas, which were less intrusive, small and compact, even capable of using six gyros for marine use, aircraft use or automobile use to stay connected with two-way high bandwidth while in full motion.In 2006 we will see more robust satellite systems which will be the size of basketballs, micro-satellites which will be tethered together to form their own mini-solar system, while the tethers collect electromagnetic energy to perpetually power them and allow them the ability to stay in low Earth orbit or move around. Think on this and see it in 2006.

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