Theories on Using Sound to Defeat Locust Plague Devastation

At least one researcher of the locust plague devastation in our world believes the answer to stopping the locust swarms may be quite simple indeed. In fact much of his theories appear to be sound. That is right sound; as in harmonics, acoustics and directional sound waves to disrupt locust plagues and swarms in mid-flight. Mr. Warren Powers believes with the proper induced harmonic resonance that we can cause the insects to crash during their swarming.

Warren states; "I suspect insects like bees and other small flying insects manipulate, create and direct, sound energy, specifically, dynamic sound structures or patterns, standing waves for example.".For many years science has tried to shake the fact that it took a long time to have the mystery of the flight of a bee explained; even then the description itself lacks the plain spoken concepts to allow a majority to appreciate the complexity of this dynamic aerobatic trick.Warren further explains that; "By stating that "I suspect it involves the creation and maintenance of a dynamic structure", I intend to establish a proposed theory and that theory can be pushed and pulled and tested and examined to the heart's content; it is no negative consequence if it is not as I suspect.

".Indeed there is no negative consequences to this issue. Only one more way not to build a light bulb you hath discovered. But in saying that one must also realize that just because nature did not design the Bee that way or it had not evolved in the way you suspect with this dynamic structure which produces more life or other physics phenomena as you believe it may; well that does not mean we cannot make one which works like you propose and submit it to DARPA for the solicitation bidding contest.

Or learn a new aerodynamic trick that we can re-create. Indeed for instance a Bee could have a thin film wing which waves as it flaps and/or make a sound "buzz" which causes this which is like a natural motion wing which allows the aerodynamics of the wing to change and allow airflows less drag [cutting it out] but still get all the lift, without the drag? A thought.As we know that acoustic transducers can be made from thin film and that there are electro-magnetic generation methods, which can be produced thru quantum dot theories of theories of electromagnetic induction on a micro-scale. Actually I had a conversation about this once with an MAV builder, although not along the lines of the entire wing of an insect for this purpose or a secondary taunt film like a dope and fabric RC model aircraft.

Perhaps food for thought on that sub concept?.No matter what it appears to that Warren Powers is onto something great and perhaps a break thru discovery in the flight of the locust and in that regard the answer to stopping the locust plagues, which threaten complete crop failure throughout the world. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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