Terra Forming Research Trends

In 2005 the debate of contaminating other planets was heated with the landing of Mars Rover on the Martian Surface. Many were concerned that we would be planting Earth microbes onto the planet and affecting its ecosystems there. We see now there is no complex life that we can see living on the surface of the planet and scientists admit that material from Mars is already on Earth and material from Earth is already on Mars thru meteorites and exchanges of material floating around in space between the two planets.

We have found meteorites on Earth, which are now known to have come from Mars although hundreds of millions of years ago. We have found water ice on Mars and believe there is ground water too. Some of which may produce steam clouds during volcanic activity.In 2006 we will see micro-biologists float what would have been unheard of just years ago, that we plant microbial life on Mars that will feed off of what is there and produce oxygen as their by-product. We will hear of possibilities and theories of taking complex life forms on earth, which can live without oxygen and place them in the most favorable places for their species on Mars to see if they will colonize and cut out their own niche. We will here ideas of using waves to generate tremblers and cause seismic activity to release volcanic activity and heat to pierce thru underground water aquifers to create giant steam clouds for rain and water and create greater density in the atmosphere with oxygen as an additional component.

There will be all sorts of ideas of planting vegetation on Mars in 2006, so think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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