Revision Techniques

Revision Techniques The mind has a tendency to constantly reject all that it considers not important. By revising again and again a message is sent to subconscious mind that it is important. In most cases over 80% of our learned information is lost in just 48 hours! If we do not revise our mind does not consider it to be important and discards the information. Fast Revision Technique is a very powerful Revision Technique to remember and recall.

Its steps are as follows: - (a) Step-1: Take time between lectures/self study periods to go through what you have just learnt. It can be as early as 1 to 2 hours. This is very crucial to rein-force the learning.

(b) Step-2: Set aside at least one hour every day from the start of the year. You must revise as and when new concepts are taught/ learned during the day. (c) Step-3: Give special treatment to your revision on Sundays. On each Sunday, you shall revise every thing that you have learned in the week, though very briefly.

You may also write down few lessons/solve problems from memory with out looking at your notes just to test your memory and understanding. Just skim over your notes very briskly and make sure you plan gaps between two different subjects. (d) Step-4: On last Sunday of the month allocate three extra hours for the monthly revision.

After you have revised what you have finished in the week, go through all that you have learnt in the entire month. This revision will be easy and fast as it is the fourth revision of the month (e) Step-5: Whenever you learn something new, always take time to refer to what was previously taught/ learned by you. By this you check how well have you grasped the matter? By frequent revision we are sending a message to mind that this information is important and are continuously training the mind to remember the things that you revise. (f) Step-6: Modify the plan so that it best suits you but basic strategy of setting aside time everyday should not be compromised.

Celebrate success each time and do remember to punish yourself if you are not able to stick to your plan. For example, if you tell yourself "I will start by revising first four chapters." And there after I will have a soda ice cream you will be amazed at how fast you finish revising four chapters. Best Study Strategies: A suggestion is made here, however you have to chalk out your strategies depending on your preferences and style: - For details please visit http://www. http://www. .

By: Anil Kumar

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