Professional Digital SLR Cameras

It goes without saying that a lot of the benefits you find with Digital SLRs aimed at hobby and semi professional photographers are also available in the range of Digital SLR cameras aimed at professional photographers. Prices for this group of digital cameras vary. You can find some of the lower priced models for around 1400.

The top of the range models are nearer to the 5000 mark. This is before you have bought any lenses. So what do you get for your extra money? The number of megapixels tends to be higher for a start. Although some of the lower end models have six megapixels you can also find 16 megapixels at the top end. Another big difference is the build quality of the cameras. Many are built to take the kind of knocks a camera takes out in the field.

You may also find weatherproof bodies as well. A small number of models offer full frame sensors. This is said to improve picture quality. On top of this it also means you can use lenses made for 35mm cameras without any conversion factor being applied to the focal length of the lens.

This is particularly important for anyone who uses wide angle lenses on a regular basis. Another useful feature is the introduction of Wi-Fi technology. This allows you to transmit images directly to a PC or laptop. There is no need to connect the camera to the computer first. This is very useful for a number of different types of photography including event and press photography. Anywhere where speed is essential this can save crucial time.

With many professional Digital SLRs you will find improved buffering. This leads to being able to capture shots more quickly and for faster continuous shooting modes. Memory cards with the largest capacities can be used. You also usually have a wider choice of the types of memory cards the cameras can use.

Other advanced features include the ability to capture images simultaneously in RAW and Jpeg, fine tuning options for white balance, better noise control solutions and a wider range of ISO settings.

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