Pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam mattress

Benefits of pocket sprung mattresses and memory Memory foam was first developed by NASA for its astronauts, to offer the maximum comfort during takeoff of the space shuttles. Therefore, memory forms and pocket sprung mattresses were rather expensive in the initial time. Market competition and high demand pulled down the price. Now days, memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses have become a common domestic application.

It is used in mattresses, pillows and mattress pads. Benefits of memory foam mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses are as below: a. The memory foam mattress and pocket sprung mattresses moulds the human body through the action of body weight and height. The foams used in memory mattresses are made of 100% natural materials. Some types of memory mattresses are also bio-degradable. This particular type of forms particularly brings comforts to people with back pains.

b. Memory foam mattresses however are better than ordinary foams and that of spring mattress. Memory foam mattresses are of life time use.

c. One of the main benefits of using a pocket sprung mattresses is that, it resists dust mites. d. The memory foam mattress and pocket sprung mattresses enables natural movement during sleep and provides excellent support to the human body. e.

The memory foam mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses is hypo allergenic, which means that it is safe for people with allergies to sleep on such mattress. Another extra ordinary feature of memory foam mattress and pocket sprung mattresses is, it reduce vibration and movement; hence, in case one toss around in the bed, the partner would not wake up from the movement. Though spring mattresses are being used for many decades, recently foam mattresses are becoming very popular. This is because foam mattresses offer maximum comfort and full body support.

Another reason is, foams can shrink over time but in case of a spring mattress, the springs can bend and lose shape. The memory foam mattress is available in all sizes - regular, queen, king and twin. The mattress is priced economically and is endorsed by chiropractors. During buying memory foam mattress, most important thing to watch for is the density of the mattress.

The actual density should be between 2.5 - 3 lb. anything lower than 3.0 lb. will not be good for bedding because it will not be able to provide enough support to the human body in that case.

Also, one should not go for a memory foam mattress unless seller does not give at least 25 years warranty. Comparison with Tempur-Pedic memory foam and Latex mattress: There is also Tempur-Pedic memory foam available in the market. The main difference between Tempur-Pedic memory foam and other memory foam mattresses is that the tempur-pedic mattress is eight inches thick and has two layers. 3 inches of 5.3lb visco-elastic foam covers the top layer.

The bottom portion of the mattress is composed of 5 inches 3.5 lg., non-visco elastic, high density polyurethane. It is covered with a soft cotton material, laid over a plastic material. This plastic material of the memory foam offers water proofing facility.

People often compare latex mattress with memory foam. Latex mattress has actually has higher elasticity than the memory foam. Another difference is, the latex gives more spring effects but memory foam feels solid. Also, memory foam remains firmer in cool temperatures and gradually becomes softer in furnace environments.

At present, many companies are blending both latex and memory foam to make a perfect mattress.

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