Optimize your Endurance with a US Navy SEAL Fitness Program

The US Navy SEALs are a division of the US military that require optimum physical condition from their soldiers before they can even join. Playing a mission critical role in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan it is no wonder that any average man off the street cannot join. Because they require such physical condition, doing their fitness program can be a great way to ensure that you are going to be in great shape if you are capable of doing everything that a US Navy SEAL can. Not only do you have to be a quick and proficient swimmer, you also need to be able to hold your breath for a long time underwater and also have the endurance of a marathon runner.

If you think you have what it takes; then why not give their fitness regime a try? The famous US Navy SEAL fitness workout book by Peter Peck asks the following questions before you even buy his book! Can you? Swim 500 meters using breaststroke in under 12 minutes before resting for 10 and going on to do 42 pushups in under 2 minutes, resting for a further 2 minutes, and then do 50 sit-ups in two minutes, rest for 2 minutes and then do 8 pull-ups one after the other, rest for 10 minutes and then finish it off with a 2 mile run wearing boots in under 11 minutes? If you can do that then it is time to learn about some of the regimes and training programs that the US Navy SEALs undertake. Because there are so many these are just a brief taster, however we hope that they help? Here is what the program entails? Swimming 50 meters underwater without stopping for a breath doing whatever stroke you like. Note that holding your breath is not enough though ? you must stay fully submerged.

Complete a 4 mile run in less than 32 minutes. It is worthy of note that if you are wearing shorts and training shoes then you are not completing the task correctly. This should ideally be done in military boots and pants. If you don't have those then look for something which you feel would give an accurate depiction of what that may be like. Complete a 2 mile swim in less than 85 minutes. You may be happy to hear that you get to wear fins; however something which may make it sound more daunting is that you have to do so in the sea or ocean rather than down your local swimming pool! And once you achieve that do not feel you have what it takes just yet.

All US Navy SEALs require peak physical, strength, and endurance - as well as the brain power to match. So if you have managed to complete all the tasks above, but are not too great in the academic field then perhaps it is time you start to consider a completely different kind of work-out altogether!.

This article is written by James Kara Murat. A longer version of this article can be found along with other Navy SEALs and other US Navy SEAL store articles at US Navy SEAL Fitness Program and Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch Series I.

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