Mimicking Nature to Invent an Earthquake Detector

Can mankind build an Earthquake Detector Device based on whatever it is that animals are feeling which warns them of an impending Earthquake? If animals can feel it prior to an Earthquake then surely all we need to do is understand why and how and then mimic that by building a high-tech sensor which does the exact same thing right? This most fascinating subject came up recently in an online think tank when one member stated;."I think an effective earthquake prediction device would have multiple sensors monitoring the ranges out of our senses. For example, elephants are known to react days before a quake, it has also recently been discovered that they use an ultra low frequency call below our hearing level to make contact between herds or far individuals.".

Indeed and this is how some scientists right now are approaching the problem, looking for frequency disruptions across a broad spectrum some high and some low, which are not common and occur prior to Earthquakes. Perhaps the animals are picking this up and all we have to do is build a sensor to do the same thing and we will also know prior to Earthquakes when they will happen.Within the next decade it is pretty much believed that indeed humans will be able to build a sensor, which will tell them the same information the animals know without one. Kind of like helping mankind re-learn what the species instinctively knew for hundreds of thousands of years the prior. Do consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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