Medical Massage Schools

Medical massage schools and training programs vary in course duration, and may be offered on campus or via distance learning education. Individuals who enroll in medical massage schools can expect a curriculum that provides roughly 500 hours of clinical training and education in medical massage.[1].Medical massage schools will offer course instruction in a wide variety of health-related sciences including biology; clinical massage therapy; lymphedema; medical manual therapy; and medical massage. Furthermore, medical massage coursework may consist of additional training such as Swedish Massage Therapy; structural & functional assessment and treatment; craniosacral, myoneural and Myofascial therapies; business practice; and general professional ethics.Some medical massage schools do offer advanced training programs and educational curriculums that involve neuromuscular therapy, advance craniosacral therapy; and other related subjects in effort to promote continuing education to licensed massage therapists.

Individuals who meet all prerequisites, and have completed medical massage training course, may opt to take the AMMA National Certification Exam. When individuals successfully pass this exam, they are awarded a certification of recognition.[1].


  • According to the AMMA (American Medical Massage Association)
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