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Some of us never get a second chance to get our college degree. Perhaps we decided to try the working world out right after high school or maybe we focused on raising our family or providing for our kids. It may have been a lack of maturity or motivation but we let our dream of a college education slip away until we see it as an impossible dream. The good news is that it is not too late.

You can still get your college education and an online degree through distance learning, even as you continue to work and look after your responsibilities. Online degree programs are now being offered by hundreds of schools, colleges and universities all over the country and if you think it is too late for your second chance, just look at these statistics from the University of Phoenix Online program. At the University of Phoenix Online students are career-oriented professionals: 20% are executives or owners of their own businesses, 30% are middle managers in business and industry, and 44% are technical or licensed professionals. The average age of University of Phoenix Online students is 38 and nearly two thirds have families. Not only are there lots of older students in the program at the University of Phoenix but over 60% of online students graduate and receive online degrees. And when the university conducts tests of cognitive achievement, online students perform as well as or better than students enrolled in traditional classroom programs.

Distance learning programs work mostly through the Internet and by e-mail. The increasingly high speeds of Internet access and the affordability of personal home computers have created the perfect storm for online learning. Although there has always been distance learning through mail and correspondence courses and via teleclasses and teleconferencing, The Internet has made it not only possible but an interesting way to learn. According to the Distance Education and Training Council in Washington, D.C., there are an estimated 2.

25 million people currently are studying online at U.S. colleges and universities. And that number continues to grow every day and every year.

The International Data Corporation estimates that the number of degree-oriented students taking online courses will grow at a rate of 33% annually for the next several years. In addition, more than 682 accredited colleges are now offering online programs and online degrees. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your mouse and click your way to an online degree today. .

By: Tim Henry

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