Laser Beam Reflectors to Incite Needed Compounds

Laser Beams can be used to change the ionic bonding of elements and compounds, which in turn can make them combine or repel and thus could help us in pre-operational mining efforts on the moon. If we find compounds with hydrogen and oxygen in them; then we can use the laser beams to bombard those compounds and separate them and then allow them to re-combine into water or to make oxygen to breath and hydrogen for fuel.Perhaps we can do some pre-mining operations on the moon from the ISS or from a space satellite relay system? How could this be done? Well, perhaps by collection the electromagnetic energy from the Earth's movement thru space, by way of giant tethers or entergy tails and then focus all the energy into space and then reflect it back onto the moon. On the moon near the area of mining, there would be additional repeater reflectors, which would be focused on specific areas. These would be the areas where compounds existed which could be separated to collect the pure elements needed for collection.

Holding matter together with light:. breaking down these elements and re-combining them thru laser conditioning and manipulation we can make pools of water which would freeze and be waiting for us when we arrived with our robotic systems to build the Moon Colony facilities. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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