Is the Luminox Navy SEAL dive Watch a Good Gift Idea

Looking for a Gift, for someone special? How about a Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch? It might just be a good idea and will be appreciated by the person who receives it. It's a watch that grows on you and 9 times out of ten it would be a great idea for a gift. Of course, the level of appreciation is entirely dependant on the interests of the person and nothing else.

However, with a Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch there is very little chance of your decision backfiring on you. A Little Background Luminox is a world leader when it comes to manufacturing watches with the latest innovations as regards to timepiece technology. Luminox watches are a combination of the best traditions and supreme precision that is associated with Swiss watch-making. The company is the undisputed pioneer in the development of little, individual, luminous tracer lamps and the U.S Navy SEAL teams commissioned the company to build for them a dive watch, which they could use on night missions.

The watch was so good that even the Air Forces contacted Luminox to specially design a watch for F-117 Nighthawk Stealth pilots. Features of the Luminox Navy SEAL Dive Watch The Special Illumination System Each of these Luminox watches 3901, 3001 incorporates the use of micro gas lights that are self-powered. These borosilicate glass capsules are firmly implanted into the hands of the watch and the hour indicator that are found on the face of the watch. No External Light Source Needed Unlike other watches, the Luminox Navy SEAL Dive watch does not require the presence of an external light source, which usually is needed to 'recharge' the paint on the dial. Moreover, there is also no need to push a button that would enable the lighting up of the dial.

Accuracy of Date Movement This Luminox watch features a Quartz movement with date. It is accuracy personified and at the most, gains a second in a month. Long Life and an Indicator These watches 3901, 3001, come with a, hold your breath, 4 year battery life and what's more, it also integrates a life indicator in the workings of the watch. Whenever, you need a new battery, you will find that the second hand begins to jump in a series of 4-second increments. The Honest Watch At the end of the day, you want a watch that is all it claims to be and all that it promises its user. The Luminox Navy SEAL dive watch does just that.

It's simple, and is extremely functional and very affordable. Its core features are accuracy, reliability, and easy readability, in addition to affordability. As can be seen there are quite a few reasons, which might prompt you to buy these particular dive watches 3901, 3001 as a gift.

This Article is written by James Kara Murat, the contributor of US Navy Seal Store. More information on the subject is at Is the Luminox Navy SEAL dive Watch a Good Gift Idea?, and related resources can be found at US Navy Seal Information Portal.

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