Iran is an Advanced Nation with Strong University Programs

Many believe that Iran has such strong University Programs that there is no way to prevent them from designing and building the greatest weapons in the world and therefore it is unwise to take a hard line negotiation stance with them. Well some of this is true and some is public relations, but you cannot negotiate with Nation States who have nuclear weapons and support international terrorist organizations.Recently in an online think tank Iran's academic quality, achievement and University programs were discussed and one think tank member stated; "Iran produces more competent engineers than the US combined, more than 67% of US advanced degrees go to foreign born individuals.".Ever ask yourself why everyone comes to the US to be educated? We have the best education system.

And remember the US economy is so robust many students get hired out before completing their advance degrees. Industry is so hard up due to such incredible economic output and productivity and such low unemployment that this is the result. Also be careful about the advance degree thing. The right brothers were bicycle mechanics, Bill Gates left school and most of the greatest scientists of all times did not have advanced degrees until after their discoveries. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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