Interfering With Killer Bee Swarms Using Harmonic Methods

Is it possible to find a way to stop a killer bee swarm by using a direction sound weapon and just the right harmonic to cause the wing and its buzzing to stop or disrupt its rhythm? If so wouldn't the swarm dissipate and collapse along with the individual bee's wings? This subject cam up recently in an online think tank and during the discussion one gentleman stated;."There must be a mathematical way to predict simple harmonic(s) frequency of a given structure; but as you can see, the bee wing is not simple at all, so imperial / experimenting would have to be easier than trying to calculate it.".

Yes there is a way, but as the wing morphs all the rules change regarding airflows, lift, drag, thrust and weight. This is what the researchers at Lockheed, Northrop Grumman and Boeing have to deal with right now while designing morphing wings for UAVs. Any data you would collect in such experimentation is very valuable indeed. Meaning money would be available for research and on-going business enterprise on top of the Killer Bee or Locust Swarm endeavors.But again if we know the force exerted and the basic movement of the wing, we can calculate each stroke and every new minute change and the effect that has at a fraction of a second in time, real time.

If we use a laser or infrared to watch the fluctuations in relative airflows and the dynamics of the changes then we can break each data point down and calculate it to see what is going on. Using a CAD CAM, system and virtual grids under and surrounding an individual bee. Knowing this we can add in virtual bees around the one bee, doing the same thing and then move the number of flappings per second up simulating the increase in Bee Buzzing as they do ramp up sound during swarming and find an optimum. Since Bees have been around a long time. They are I am sure at the most optimum during swarming to support the group and perhaps the extra weight of the Queen Bee as it flies?.How can we see the airflows that the wind creates? Here is a way to study it, but on a micro level of course?.
s=f869eff3efa51a573834a6e92e326b9e&showtopic=1275.Fly the swarm thru an aircraft hangar and use a bunch of HO scale railroad tracks with beams on them and mount them event five inches and run your system on these tracks at the speed the swarm flies with the lasers pointed at a bright mirror or lights on the other side and take a slow motion video of the airflows on each unit in the swarm. Then we take this data to determine how best to make Micro-MAVs, UAV morphing wings and also figure out what these bees are doing to generate the sound and how much benefit they receive from it.

Then we know how much we wish to take away from them to stop the swarm of Bees, Locusts, Enemy Micro-MAVs, etc.Perhaps there is much more to the theory on how a Bee Flies and its aerodynamics to study to see if any of this is relevant to solving the problems or mathematical equations to beating the bees, their buzz and their tricky use of airflows at their own game? Consider this next time you are thinking about Killer Bees.

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