Innovations for First Responders to Stop Bleeding

During any natural disaster or during time of war humans have grave injuries and there is an immediate need to stop the bleeding to prevent death. A first responder on the scene must get the situation under control and fast. Easier said than done and time is of the essence, as many times these are life and death situations. Well all that may soon change and it is for that reason that this topic recently came up between think tank members, when Swift from Las Vegas stated;.“I was also reading about a company in the Portland, OR area called SAM Medical Products, who has created a pourable bandage called Celox. It's made from a granular compound derived from shrimp shells, which are positively charged.

They cross link with the negatively charged red blood cells to form a putty like plug that blocks the blood flow in about 5 minutes.”.Now that is cool, great work. Smart thinking. Something of this nature could be used in Stomachs too to prevent certain foods from entering the Bio-system. Then it could weaken the immune response temporarily to prevent rejection of Bionic parts, implants or new organs? Or even new face transplants? Additionally something like this should be available to soldiers in combat to quickly reduce and stop bleeding until more professional treatment can be rendered.

Swift adds; “Unlike current bandages, they can be poured into major wounds. The FDA is expected to approve at the end of the year.”.

Such innovations in medicine and for first responders could save thousands of lives per year and we must get these products on the market and out to our troops and to the FEMA folks who respond to natural disasters. Please consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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