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If we consider the long history of modern humans and their adoption of technologies and then consider the most recent hyper-advances in technology in the present period in BioTech, Computer Sciences and NanoTech, it would be silly for anyone to assume that we would not have an implanted device in humans at the time they got a Social Security Card. You see 2025 is not that far away in terms of the human endeavor.We must realize that many human societies and civilizations maybe forced to have these devices inside their bodies and grow up with them and have no choice and thus learn to trust them within, this will occur long before 2025. The individual will of the American ideal may provide itself to be a longer hold out in the adoption of subdermal, under skull, brain and body chip implants.As far as the technology itself; it will get smaller, more robust and better able to detect brain waves, human intent and even eventually transfer thought all the size of something less than a dime in total. These chips will have such things as add on memory, PhD in many subjects in an all-in-one chip.

If you consider such concepts and take them out 100 plus years we may see that we start to lose our ability to speak. So in the far future we may not even need vocal cords and they will evolve out of the species. You see, currently humans are losing their sense of taste and smell. By 2012 or 2015 this technology will be available and humans may chose to adopt it and some may wish to have an implant brain chip.

By 2035 all those other add-ons of the chip, including brain learning while sleeping will also be available as well. Sounds like it could be a very nice SciFi novel indeed for now, but soon it will be a reality and a concept you do not even have to think about because it will already be along side of your brain thinking with you? Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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