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Make Your Holiday Cards Personal To Make An Impact On Your Clients. Choosing the right card, updating the mailing list, and actually making out and sending them can be long and arduous. It does not have to be a huge task.

Just start planning before you jump right into it. Your clients will be touched with just a bit of added personalization effort. Below are some simple pointers that are sure to make your holiday much more successful. Set a date to in the future to give yourself plenty of time to be able to finish the job without feeling rushed for time. Plan to mail the cards immediately after Thanksgiving.

This is not too early since the holiday season is now considered to be earlier than in the past. The earlier the better since a good number of people display the cards they receive. Get your name out there by having your clients display your card throughout the entire season. Use High-Quality Cards! We can't stress this point enough.

Cheap cards do not look good. A card of higher quality will show that you value your client. By choosing a quality card, you are sure to send the right message as well as make your card stand out above the rest. If you choose a card with special features such as foil accents or die-cut shapes, then your card will "pop". Potential client's eyes will be drawn to your holiday card above all the traditional four color, flat cards.

It is very important that you make sure your card is appropriate. Use a card with themes appropriate for your client's beliefs, to show that you know and respect the client. It is paramount that your client knows you thought of them as an individual and while grabbing any old card may be easier it will not accomplish this. If you are going to buy boxes of cards, get a couple of different designs to represent different traditions. Don't send a Christmas card to someone that celebrates Hanukah. If you do not know what religious holidays the receiver celebrates, simply pick a neutral greeting card with a secular winter motif that reads "Happy Holidays" or "Season's Greetings.

" Personalize the card. An impression can be made with some extra personal touches. The key is to show that you have put some thought into it, just a bit extra to show recipients that you care.

Everyone knows that you're sending cards to more than one person, but, at the same time, everyone wants to feel special. Here are some tips from us, but feel free to dream up your own creations. One suggestion is for you to personally write the client's name on the inside of the card. By adding some relevant words or comments, such as wishing them well or thanking them for their business, the card will instantly be much more personal. Even if your name is preprinted in the card, remember to add a handwritten signature. Always be sure to use your own handwriting to address the card.

Computer generated labels should be avoided since this can make your greeting card look like a mass mailing. It is a matter of using common sense. Following the other rules of good business, your greeting must meet your objectives. If no one reads your badly thought out ad, you've wasted dollars and time. A greeting card sent mainly for advertisement purposes, must be significant enough to be noticed and appreciated.

Outlined below is a recap of the frequently used methods to assist in having your greeting card impress clients while reducing your overall stress: 1. Ensure your mailing list is current with the correct contact information. Do this through the year so that it doesn't take a lot of time all at once. A greeting card database is a good idea. Keep the database current by adding contact information all year long and it will payoff handsomely. 2.

Make sure you allow yourself ample time to get the cards signed, addressed and mailed. Enlisting others to help and assigning individual tasks will help divide up the job and make it less of a burden for everyone involved. Don't wait until the last minute to go to the post office. 3.

Sensitivity to traditions is a must. In our multicultural society, make sure that in your attempt to impress someone you don't offend them instead. Do a little research and if you are still unsure of their beliefs, choose a neutral design to ensure that you customers will feel you value you them.

Make it suited to them. 4. Personal attention shows that you care. Even the smallest gesture can have a profound impact.

John Oberhauser runs The Image Shop which has over 650 designs of boxed holiday and Christmas cards to choose from. The Image Shop also carries printable designer invitation paper and Christmas paper for quickly creating a professional custom look at less cost.

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