How Can We Generate Hydrogen for Auto Fuel

Is there a way to take Hydrogen from pure air? Can we some how take the hydrogen out of the air and use it for our cars? How so you ask?.Well, what if we used a few physics ideas? Let's say we increase airspeed from wind into a venturi, as it starts to form into water droplets due to the wind chill factor, we then use those water drops to separate out the hydrogen. H20 from air and two parts hydrogen and allow the oxygen to escape? Hydrogen, which is lighter than air can be caught as the air expands back out into the system, which is using sound to ironically separate out all the hydrogen. Something like that could work?.

Of course taking hydrogen from other molecules, gases or liquids with many hydrogen molecules makes sense too. Anything having more than four hydrogen molecules makes sense. Many methods can be used. It would be nice to find a hydrogen rich gas, which also had oxygen molecules. Thus the left over could be an interesting release into the atmosphere? We need to find a way to make hydrogen so we can fuel our cars with it.

If refineries have chemicals or gases, which are rich with hydrogen atoms we might be able to use that too. Whatever we do, if we can use Hydrogen to fuel our cars, well lets just say that could be a very good thing for mankind indeed. Consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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