Holographic People Watching Training for DHS Professionals

Looking for suspicious behavior is something every security professional must be come good at if they are to do their jobs properly. The security and safety of the public depends on it. Let's take the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for instance; these folks must be able to spot the bad guys in the crowd when they see something, which is suspicious.

One security industry observer stated recently; "It would help to teach people that they can tell someone if they see something suspicious. It drives me crazy that most people are afraid to speak out when they see something that looks dangerous, suspicious or just plain wrong and out of place. I was thinking about the shoe bomber [Richard Reed], who was just plain ugly. I think that is part of the reason why he was caught as he is so strange looking. Had he been a handsome person with a bomb in his very expensive loafers, would anyone have even paid a lot of attention to him.

I can't remember the circumstances of why he was picked out to get a more thorough screening, but this had to have been part of it.".Can we use virtual reality and holographic imaging of real people and suspicious people with very minute clues of possible "evil behavior" anomalies to train our DHS and TSA personnel? A classroom setting with theatre seating of 5 rows with tracks down on the floor. Each track would have holographic people in full motion walking as 2-foot diameter holographic images passed by with subtle clues. There would be up to twenty of these moving at different speeds for ten-minutes and the security professional students would try to pick them out.

There would also be distraction Holographic Images, which would be good people but draw attention away from the bad guys. After the ten minutes one by one the instructor would bring back each holographic bad guy and point out the clues and give aways. I believe such practice is essential so that we can dump the political correctness and view situations in a more realistic setting; that is to say; Augmented and Virtual Holographic Full Motion Reality.

Think on this.

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By: Lance Winslow

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