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Help is most oftenly a word that is used to ask or indicate to others one's need for assistance. Examples of this might be: Going up to an information desk in a public mall and saying to the lady behind the counter, "Excuse me, I need help finding the nearest public washwrooms", or screaming "HELP" if being robbed by a thief with intentions to catch the attention of a passerby.

I've only mentioned the Vocal aspects of the world Help. It's not limited just to Vocal though, and person to person help can come in several other different forms.

Take for example a help desk. some of the most common other forms of help that we see on a day to day basis are:
Monetary: Assistance with Money usually in the form of grants or loans, or scholarships is considered a way to help a person get on their feet in the world.
Emotional: People often lend emotional help to another in times of depression, educational help in times of ignorance, and physical help to those in need.
Care: Elderly and young persons are the most frequent recipients of help, because they are often most in need of care.

Help has become such a widely used and accept word in today's society that we only have to look around and see where help already exists. As previously mentioned above take for example a help desk. A help desk most commonly a viritual desk that is setup in order to provide information and assistance resources to help troubleshoot problems with for example computers or webhosting.

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