Extra Terrestrial Life What Will Their Intentions Be

Here on Earth humans are supposedly considered; mostly harmless. Generally more dangerous to themselves than to any species outside the solar system and indeed such comments from Sci Fi authors is fun to contemplate. However, recently this conversation became a little more serious in a most unusually place; an online think tank forum when a think tanker member asked a rather interesting question:."What will their intentions and life mission consist of?".Hopefully more than the usual; that is to say; "be born, procreate and die." And indeed perhaps the "higher order" or "higher being" question will be answered although, the answer should already be readily apparent to anyone giving it any real amount of thought.

One think tanker seemed to think that there was no life other than what is on Earth quoting some Biblical Scriptures. Yet, this was countered by another think tanker who said;."Your comments on religion are interesting and perhaps this is for the most part the final period, that is to say the present period is the winding down of human religions, which have slowed the forward progression of the human species? Hard to say, since the fundamentalists seem to control vast numbers of human civilizations; Too bad really.

".Do you believe that there is Extra Terrestrial Life? Yes, reader of this article I am talking to you. And if so; what do you think will be their intentions? Have you ever considered this? If not, perhaps you might wish to discuss such things? Either way, please consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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